Gin Eva
aus Mallorca

Von Eva Maier
und Stefan Winterling


Gin Eva Mallorca gewann die Kategorie "Best Spanish Contemporary Style Gin" und der Gin Eva Olive ist "Worlds Best Signature Botanical"

World Gin Awards


hand crafted

Artisan Dry Gin

Gin Eva’s unique flavour comes from Mallorca juniper berries, botanicals and locally grown citric fruits. All ingredients are distilled in a traditional copper pot still by Eva and Stefan, a Catalan oenologist and a German wine grower

Eva & Stefan

Eva Maier & Stefan Winterling both have degrees in wine making and have worked & consulted for a variety of wineries, mainly in Mallorca, but also in Germany, Catalonia and California for over 10 years

In 2010 – before the big Gin-hype began, they distilled their first batch of Gin for a winery they were working for and enjoyed it so much, they decided to open their own distillery. They started GinEva in 2012 – a regional Artisan hand crafted Gin focusing on local ingredients from Mallorca starting with fresh citrus and local gown Juniper